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Our menu contains our perfected dishes created by our team of chefs who demand only the best. Whether you are looking for a light dinner or a full meal for the family, Pirate Pizza can deliver it all. We think you’ll find the whole experience altogether different.

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4 Wolverhampton Street
Willenhall, WV132NF

Popular Dishes




cheese and tomato



pepperoni, smoked sausage, ham and spicy beef


bbq sauce base - bbq chicken, onion and sweetcorn

Pirate Pizza's Reviews

120 reviews


  • Second time ordering from here and it’s even better than the first time. Really tasty, and great service from the delivery guy.


  • Really nice, big portions, hot on arrival and delicious.


  • Got here earlier than the allocated time and food was roasting hot. Got no complains everything tasted great and order was correct


  • Nice and tasty but they didn't give me any garlic bread with the meal deal, but overall very good meal.


  • They cancelled the order after leaving me waiting an hour - no call or explanation just an Email stating it had been cancelled by takeaway. Totally disgusting behaviour!!


  • delivery was terrible they came to me without any change so had to go and get some after I had waited an hour and half


  • Food, no problem. "Order for later" never works. To add insult to injury the takeaway amends the time and effectively delays the predicted delivery window from the requested time to a later slot - ok there busy? But then delivers 20mins before the original requested time!! Is it that difficult?


  • The pizza from here is spectacular!!! They even wrote a joke on the box for me once :) I don't even bother with ordering from other well known pizza chains anymore!


  • best pizza around


  • Very nice as always. Piping hot on arrival and delivered on time, despite it being 8.30pm on a Friday night.


  • The food when it arrived was hot and tasty however it did not arrive within the time stated and all in took 1hr 35. Contact about delay would be useful.


  • Unfortunately, I must post a disappointing review from the food and service received from Pirate Pizza. Firstly, the time slot advised was extended by 20 minutes. I ended up calling twice. This would normally be okay, should the food still arrive in a good order. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The burger was more "thrown" together, than put together. Some may of called it modern art, I'd call it a blatant case of not caring. Please do not order the chicken nuggets from this place, there manufactured from the kind of slime Jamie Oliver got out of our kids school dinners. I wasn't expecting hand breaded chicken breast, but come on Pirate, these things aren't edible. The temperature of the food was somewhere between getting out of the shower on a cold winters morning and the feeling when you get into a cold bed. I know the delivery guy had to get here (6-7 minute drive) but come on, not great service. All of this said, should you be on a deserted, baron island, and the Pirate pulls up and offers you something from his booty, take the jalepeno cheese bites. These were cold too, but edible, so should they be eaten soon after they come out of the frier, i'd say they be spot on. In terms of value for money, should I have not used my £5.00 credit I would have been livid! Please pirate, move that patch off your eye and have a look at whats going out of the shop.


  • the pizza was soggy and the cheese was all burnt.. not impressed


  • Food was excellent but let down by delivery,,,,,2 and half hours for 2 pizzas is terrible was told upto 1hour which on a Friday you kind of expect, but not 2and half hours, apart from that excellent


  • I ordered flame grilled burgers however these were hot and spicy breaded burgers. Ate them anyway and were nice